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Download the PalmPod -- the easiest, fastest way to get your Palm Desktop calendar, todo's, contacts, & memos onto your iPod.

Available for Windows 2000, XP and Beyond...

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PalmPod 1.4 for Windows, English (4.53MB)
(Requires Palm Desktop 4.1 or later. Palm Desktop 4.1.4 is recommended.)
PalmPod does not work with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!


The Broadest Export Support
Export Palm Desktop Calendar Events & Todo's [vCal v1.0], Contacts [vCard v2.1], and Memos [iPod 3G or later] to your iPod. Now have all your data with you wherever you take your iPod.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
PalmPod supports multiple character sets, generating Unicode text output that your iPod can handle easily -- Use PalmPod with any language that Palm Desktop and your iPod support!
Full Export Control
PalmPod allows you to fine-tune which types of Palm records get exported to your iPod, both at the conduit level and by category. Plus, new in version 1.3, you decide how far back/ahead calendar and task records should be exported.
Protect Your Privacy
You tell PalmPod whether to export your private records or not on a per-conduit basis. Now, Protecting your own privacy is as easy as 1-2-3!
Travel with your iPod
Palm Calendar & Task Entries are exported in GMT format for the timezone of the computer running Palm Desktop. So, dates and times always show up at the correct time, regardless of where you travel with your iPod.
Calendar Feature Set
+ Full support for all Palm Date Book event fields including repeating events, alarms, and note fields.
+ Full Category support -- view a separate calendar on your iPod for each Palm calendar category. Or, view the "All" iPod calendar to see every event in one location.
+ Exports a window of information of your choosing. You select how far back, and how far ahead, Palmpod should export calendar entries.
Todo/Task Feature Set
+ Full support for all task fields.
+ Shows Task category and note for each record.
+ Palm priority indicator visible in each record, too!
+ New in Version 1.3: You decide whether to export tasks that fall in a specific date range, or export all of them!
Contact Features Set
+ Full support for most Address Book fields including multiple phone numbers, email, notes and custom fields.
+ Handles contacts that don't have first, last and/or company names.
+ Shows contact category as well as the full note field for each record.
Memo Features Set
+ Store up to 4096K per memo (Limited by the iPod).
+ Full Palm category support -- view notes by Palm category on your iPod.

Now Totall FREE!

PalmPod is now completely free. Download it now in the Sappenin Store.

Installation & Usage Tutorial

Click here for a visual tutorial on how to configure and operate PalmPod.

View the Changelog

The latest version of PalmPod is 1.4. Click here to see what's new from version to version.